5 Creative Ways to Use Tyvek Sheets

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The highly durable, fabric-like paper Tyvek is widely used as a mailing supply item. Tyvek envelopes and Tyvek mailers are common in any office supply closet.

Yet beyond shipping, the water-resistant material has numerous uses. Already, Tyvek weather-stripping is used in construction as a water barrier for homes and buildings, and Tyvek sheets are often used as a tent groundcover or backpack rain cover.

Artists, though, are becoming more and more interested in Tyvek sheets for paper arts and crafts projects. Tyvek has been used to create paper figures for animated movies. It has been used to design indestructible wallets, and Tyvek is a favorite item for embroidered tote bags.

Want to see some of the most creative uses? Here are some inspiring, out-of-the-ordinary uses for recycled Tyvek envelopes and plain Tyvek sheets:

1. To Create Paper Figures for Animation

The stop-action figurines in the 2016 film Kubo and the Two Stringswere constructed from a variety of fabrics. And Tyvek was one of the most popular choices. In fact, producers said they used nearly 17,000 feet of Tyvek paper during the production. Their reasoning: Tyvek is textured, densely woven and rip-resistant, making it an ideal fabric choice for their artists.

2. Recycled Wallets and Totes

Dynomighty, a New York-based crafts company, makes a variety of products made from recycled or discarded supplies. And one of their first products was the Mighty Wallet, which was released in 2005. The Might Wallet is made from a single sheet of Tyvek paper that’s folded into a wallet. Originally, the wallets were made from recycled Tyvek envelopes. Now, Dynomighty offers an entire line-up of Tyvek products, including totes, wristbands and other fashion accessories.

3. As A Wing Covering

You might have seen or heard of the Red Bull Flugtag competition. Participants build flying machines out of random materials and compete to see which gliders stay in the air the longest. This past summer, one team used Tyvek for the wings and tail of their flying machine, called the CONNDOR. The team selected Tyvek due to its high strength and low weight. Closely related: Tyvek sails for yachters.

4. Wedding Dresses

A number of fashion designers utilize discarded Tyvek for its textured appearance, but recently one design firm created a wedding dress entirely out of the material. Beacon Converters, Inc. created Bella the Bridge, a dress that features 400+ flowers made from Tyvek. Another creative and fashionable use: Lighting up a Tyvek safety suit with glowsticks.

5. A Tyvek Hammock

As earlier noted, Tyvek sheets have many practical applications for campers and hikers. But here’s one you might not have thought of: A camping hammock made entirely from Tyvek sheets. Tyvek is an ideal material – it’s super high strength, due to its high-density weaving and it’s lightweight, an important factor for any backpacker.

Tyvek might be best known for its use in safety, construction, and shipping. But the paper-like fabric is becoming more widely used in arts and crafts due to its high strength, light weight, and durability. These are just a few creative uses. There are hundreds more.

These are just five creative ways, but there are many other day-to-day practical uses like medical supply manufacturers who use them to wrap surgical tools. 

How do you use Tyvek sheets? If this post has inspired to you, we offer bulk Tyvek sheets. Feel free to check them out!