Dura-Bags - Plain or Printed

When strength is your top priority – but you’d also like to save a little money – consider switching to Dura-Bag® from cardboard boxes. Dura-Bag® paper shipping bags provide an ideal solution for companies looking for a strong paper mailer. E-commerce companies have chosen Dura-Bag® to reduce shipping, mailing, handling and storage costs when compared to boxes.

Consisting of two sheets of 35# natural kraft paper reinforced with fiberglass, these attractive mailers ensure strength and security in protecting your products during shipping. To maximize strength for heavy items like coffee, bulky clothing, and large durable goods, these mailers are manufactured from virgin paper fibers. While Dura-Bag® mailers aren’t recyclable due to the fiberglass reinforcement, they are made from sustainable and renewable paper and often require less space and energy to ship than cardboard boxes.

Dura-Bag® Specifications:

  • Resist tearing and puncturing
  • Manufactured with water resistant paper to help keep out dirt and moisture
  • Lightweight to reduce postage costs
  • Glazed finish for better presentation and easy loading
  • Recycled Content: None

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