5 Reasons to Use Tyvek Envelopes

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Tyvek Envelopes

Tyvek envelopes are a favorite supply item in legal offices and healthcare centers around the world. The reason is simple. Tyvek – a highly durable synthetic material – offers a greater degree of protection for important legal and medical files. Plus, these envelopes can be customized for specific applications, and they’re recyclable.

Are you considering ordering Tyvek envelopes for your office? Here are a few reasons to consider a switch:

1. Tyvek Envelopes Are Waterproof

Tyvek was developed by DuPont in the 1960s, and essentially, it’s a fast-spun, dense blend of polyethylene plastic. Because the fibers are so closely spun, these envelopes are waterproof and moisture-resistant. This is why tyvek envelopes are ideal for legal and medical offices. Inside the envelope, documents are protected from rain, sleet and snow while being processed through the mail. Compared to paper and cardboard envelopes – which fall apart and let in water when wet – Tyvek envelopes offer much better protection from moisture.

2. Tyvek Envelopes Are Rip-Resistant

Not only are Tyvek envelopes water-resistant, their high-strength polyethylene blend are also rip and puncture-proof. For offices that send highly sensitive and important documents, like HIPAA files or legal contracts, this is an especially important feature. Sending mail in Tyvek envelopes ensures that the contracts arrive intact and free from tears or punctures, and this feature also deters tampering.

3. Better Protection for Your Documents

Official documents including case files, legal contracts, and HIPAA files must arrive free from water-damage, rips, and punctures. Tyvek material ensure that documents arrive in pristine condition. The material additionally helps to deter identity theft and prevent personal information from being exposed.

4. Tyvek Envelopes Are Tamper-Evident

Tyvek envelopes are available with a number of security features which can help to protect the documents and deter tampering. For example, the available tamper-evident seals show when the seal has been broken. Plus, since Tyvek is tear-resistant, it’s nearly impossible to open the envelope without leaving behind evidence of tampering. This is an important feature for protecting sensitive legal or medical documents.

5. Customizable By Shape and Size

Finally, Tyvek envelopes can be customized by size, shape, and color, and they’re available for custom printing options. Available options include:

  • Standard letter, legal document, and oversized sizes
  • Accordion expansion
  • Variety of colors
  • Custom printing available for unique branding

Tyvek envelopes are an always-in-demand office supply item. If your office sends sensitive documents to clients, or between offices, Tyvek envelopes offer the perfect solution. They’re strong, water- and rip-resistant, and they can be customized for your specific applications.

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