Go Green! The Cost Benefits of Eco-Friendly Mailers

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Only 14% of all the plastic produced worldwide is ending in recycling centers. A change in this pattern could see up to $9 billion in revenue.

The public wants the companies they buy from to be more eco-friendly. This would mean a shift to a reduce, reuse, recycle pattern in the face of a growing climate crisis.

74% of people prefer to pay a little extra for a product if the product was eco-mindful in its production. Roughly half of all shopping today is online. Eco-friendly mailers are the future, and their use will only continue to grow!

Eco-Friendly Mailers Are Big Business

Why would a business go green?

21% of consumers choose brands that make an effort to be sustainable. For businesses, going green creates more green!

A business that's environmentally-friendly or conscious is a brand people like more. The business will spend less because eco-friendly products are lightweight. And the reduction of their carbon footprint will make them a leader in their industry.

The use of recycled material is no longer a fad. Using recycled materials can save businesses money on the raw materials needed to create their products.

Is There a Reason to Go Green?

Changes to government policy have forced companies to learn more about environmental practices.

The widespread desire for less plastic saw San Francisco ban the use of plastic bags.

The UK wants businesses to start to create more environmentally sustainable products. Plastic packaging taxes are attempting to create an eco-friendly future in the UK.

A business that ships or sells products must transition to using sustainable products. With bans on plastic use increasing daily, it will become costly to do business as normal.

The US government has an incentive for businesses that reduce pollution emissions. Eco-friendly products reduce the emissions a business would otherwise produce.

The business is able to spend less money on shipping products around the world. The same business can use recycled products, further reducing their emissions.

Everyone Can Make a Difference

Eco-friendly mailers now cost around the same as a traditional plastic mailer.

The envelopes and folders come with a guarantee that they're better for the environment. This changes our mail from throwaway products into recyclable material that can help reduce human impact on the planet.

The use of sustainable products will reduce the global carbon footprint. A carbon footprint refers to how much carbon we use to create the product. The transportation of the product also accounts for the carbon footprint.

The ease of disposal and lack of harmful chemicals in the product are all reasons for individuals to start mailing green. By using eco-friendly folders, the customer can choose how they showcase their sustainable vision for the future!

The carbon footprint of our goods and services is of major concern. Consumers want sustainably-minded products that reduce the carbon footprint.

Lightweight products with little need for transportation are best for the future!

Eco-friendly mailers use recycled or even upcycled material. The use of this material creates less carbon since the product is being recycled. This reduces the cost of creating an eco-friendly mailer.

For example, the Fibercraft mailer uses 76% recycled paper and 68% post-consumer products. This combination makes this mailer strong, durable, and able to withstand the elements.

These mailers showcase that products that are conscious of the environment aren't lowered in quality.

The Conscious Present

A conscious buyer is someone who's knowledgeable about the creation of the product they're looking to buy.

The rise of the conscious consumer means businesses are being forced to adapt.

The public image a company puts out can make or break the said business. Consumers want products that are not throwaway products.

Climate change has changed the world. Customers want products that are good for the environment.

A 1991 article showed that people feel lost and confused about how they can make environmental differences. Most people want to make a difference but don't know how to.

Simple changes to what people buy can make a difference worldwide. By using and offering eco-friendly products, people are able to make the change they want in the world.

An Eco-Friendly Mailer for the Future

Eco-friendly mailers may not seem like a world-changing idea, but they can be!

Environmentally mindful products are a necessity for the future. Companies that adapt to the use of sustainable technologies early will shape the future.

The mailing and shipping of goods and products will increase with the increase in technology.

Quality, eco-friendly mailers will be a necessity in the future, and consumers demand better, now.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The three R’s of sustainability have major implications for the future of mail. People will pay more for products that they see are being produced in an eco-friendly way. Companies that adopt sustainable practices will save money on their materials and will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The Eco-Friendly Change We Need

What is good for the planet will be good for everyone.

Help save the future. Be a conscious consumer.

By choosing products that are good for the environment, you're setting an example. That example can help others.

If we all follow this lead, together, we can make a difference. Every action, no matter how small, can help save the world!

Businesses will soon have to make changes for the environment. When that happens, people will look for those businesses that did so before. Those that support the environment will be the ones people will support.

The global demand for products that make a difference in the environmental crisis is a multi-billion dollar industry. The only question that remains is, why would you not use an eco-friendly mailer?

Stock up on your favorite eco-friendly mailers. Be a leader in the future of sustainability!