How Law Offices Can Buy Office Supplies in Bulk to Save Money

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Think about all the office supplies used in a common office. Every desk alone is stocked with pens, pencils, highlighters, paper clips, notepads, notebooks, folders, staples and more. On average, a business will spend $200 per employee annually on office supplies, not including printing costs.

Now, think about a law office. And what usually comes to mind? Paper. Reams and reams of paper.

The Cost of Law Office Supplies

It has been estimated that each attorney in a law office generates up to 100,000 sheets of paper a year. With all this paper, you can also count on a high number of folders, envelopes, filing jackets, mailers and more to keep up with the nature of the business, further pushing that cost per employee to over $1000 annually. And if you’re continually buying office supplies on an as-need basis from a local store, you can raise that cost per employee even more. This is why if a law office wishes to save money, their best bet is to buy office supplies wholesale online.

How to Save Money with Discount Office Supplies

Purchasing from office supply stores online is not only easy, it will also save your office time and money. Plus by purchasing bulk office supplies, you can get deep discounted rates.

Step 1: Estimate the flow of paper per week

If you take the amount of workdays per year (250, allowing for 10 holidays), the average law firm attorney will use a whopping 400 pieces of paper a week. If you have 10 attorneys in your law office, you’re looking at 4,000 pieces of paper a week! All of that paper has to be organized and stored somehow, and hopefully not piled up sky-high on a desk.

Step 2: Take stock of your storage options

Let’s estimate that 3/4ths of the paperwork stays in the office, while the other quarter is mailed. Now you’re looking at organizing 3,000 pieces of paper. If you want to keep a Bulk Legal File Folder from getting too bulky, you’re putting in 20 to 30 pieces of paper. You’ll then need somewhere around 100 to 150 manila Bulk Legal File Folders a week!

For organization, you’ll also need Legal Hanging Folders, Bulk Legal Classification Folders and more. Luckily, Beagle Legal has you covered, with the following items offered at bulk discount online prices:

Patent & Trademark Folders – as low as $2.24 each

Bulk Pressboard Partition Folders – as low as $2.26 each

Bulk Legal Classification Folders – as low as $1.28 each

Bulk Pressboard Folders – as low as $1.34 each

Bulk Legal File Folders – as low as 30¢ each

Legal Hanging Folders – as low as 17¢ each

Bulk Twin Pocket Portfolios – as low as 39¢ each

End Tab File Pockets – as low as $1.40 each

Top Tab File Pockets – as low as $1.37 each

Bulk Expanding Wallets – from $2.49 to $5.80 each

Bulk Poly File Pockets – as low as $5 each

Bulk Manila File Jackets – Starting at 26¢ each

Step 3: On to the mailing

From our math above, we’re now estimating that over 1,000 pieces of paper are mailed or transported out of your office in a given week. Some envelopes may only contain a paper or two, others, an entire folder. Plus, we’re sure you’re not just mailing paper, but lots of other materials as well.

As it’s practically impossible to guess what your mailing, the best thing you can do to estimate your envelope and packaging needs is to take inventory of what goes out the door in a given week. Multiply by 52, and you’ll have a good estimate on the supplies you need. Once again, Beagle Legal can get you your mailing office supplies discounted by ordering in bulk:

Tyvek Envelopes – as low as 21¢ each

Bulk Kraft Envelopes – as low as 11¢ each

Bulk Herculink Envelopes – as low as 23¢ each

Bulk Tri-Brite Envelopes – as low as 26¢ each

FiberCraft Envelopes – as low as 21¢ each

Bulk Ivory Tag Envelopes – as low as 68¢ each

Eco-Natural Shipping Bags – as low as 19¢ each

Dura-Bag – as low as 16¢ each

Eco-Shipper – as low as 17¢ each

Poly Mailers – as low as 7¢ each

Bulk Straight Jacket Board Mailers – as low as 36¢ each

Beagle Legal also supplies X-Ray and MRI Mailers, X-Ray Jackets, X-Ray Negative Preservers and more Medical Filing materials.

Step 4: Double Your Order

One thing is certain, you will always underestimate what you need, and you will always run out of supplies. Discount office supplies just make sense. So pretend you’re a survivalist and set up a supply closet, fully stocked with the supplies your office uses on, with over 4,000 papers being generated a week, an almost hourly basis.

At Beagle Legal, we can supply you with all the filing, mailing, packaging and storing materials you need at costs that won’t burn up your bottom line. Ordering online also entitles you to free shipping. By taking advantage of our bulk office supply discounts, we’ll help cut down your per-employee cost for office supplies, and help make your law office more productive and profitable.