How to Ensure Safe Prescription Deliveries

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Today it’s increasingly popular for customers to order prescription drugs online. In fact, an estimated 100 million Americans receive prescription drugs via the mail. That convenience is great for customers and businesses, but it does present some unique challenges for prescription drug shippers.

For businesses that ship prescription drugs, there’s always a possibility that those medications can be damaged. Fortunately, specially designed medical shipping products can help minimize the risk. Mailing bags and envelopes for prescription drugs are moisture-resistant, they have tamper-evident sealing, and in some cases, they are padded for added protection. If your business ships prescriptions, here are a few quick tips to ensure your products arrived free of damage:

Choose Moisture-Resistant Mailing Bags

Most medications can be ruined when exposed to moisture and humidity. Envelopes made from poly materials though, like Tyvek mailing bags, are designed to resist moisture. For example, with Tyvek envelopes, rain beads up and rolls off the packaging. Plus, if the envelopes are exposed to water for a longer period of time, poly mailers are designed to resist water seepage.

Durable Envelopes Prevent Tears and Punctures

Poly mailing bags and envelopes are also extremely durable. They’re densely woven and tear-resistant, which can ensure the bags aren’t punctured during processing. This is especially important when shipping prescription medication bottles. In paper or light plastic envelopes, the bottle can easily tear or puncture the envelope or mailing bag.

Ship with Security Protections

Mail tampering is of special concern for prescription drug shippers. Fortunately, there are a variety of shipping solutions that are designed with tamper-evident security features. For example, many envelopes feature tamper-evident seals. The seals have built-in security protections that show when the seal has been broken, and once opened, the seal cannot be repaired to hide evidence of tampering. This is a critical protection for medication shipping.

Discreet Designs Can Deter Theft

Mail theft of prescription drugs is an increasingly common crime. Yet, there are steps prescription medication shippers can take to prevent and discourage theft. Discreetly designed shipping bags and envelopes, for instance, can help disguise your products and prevent or discourage mail theft.

Medical mailing supplies that are water-resistant, durable and security-protected can help to ensure that your products arrive safely and undamaged. BeagleLegal is your source for medical mailing supplies for prescription drugs.