Santos Postal Tyvek Envelope Case Study

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A common question for any business looking to build a relationship with a new business is, “who else is working with them and what success are they having?” We have many clients here at Beagle Legal and we like to highlight a few of them from time-to-time. Today, we interviewed Santos Postal on their relationship with us and how they use our products.

1.Please explain a little bit about what your company does.

We are an accounting firm based in Rockville, MD that services many individuals as well as trusts, estates, and partnerships.

2.How long have you purchased from Beagle Legal and what items do you typically purchase?

We have used Beagle Legal for many years and order mailing aids with and without our company logo, as well as business cards, brochures, and personalized company folders.

3.Why do you purchase from Beagle Legal as opposed to another company?

We have a long-standing relationship. If the items are in stock we usually receive them next day and Dorian always lets us know if there are any price breaks for higher orders, or if we order items for both offices at once.

4.Are there any office products that you wished you had easier access to that would help in your day-to-day business?

Not off the top of my head, but if we do, Beagle Legal usually gets them in stock quickly.

5.I understand that you use Tyvek envelopes in your business. How and why do you use Tyvek envelopes? Also, have you ever compared them to other products? If so, what do you like about them compared to other options?

We use Tyvek envelopes to send out various client documents. We have a similar envelope that is non-Tyvek that we use for specific items, but if it is raining when we send the item out, it will always be Tyvek. The non-Tyvek envelopes are more rigid and don’t allow you to put as much into them as Tyvek envelopes.

The Tyvek envelopes also seem to be more durable because they do not tear and are waterproof. The adhesive on Tyvek envelopes seems to be better than that of the other alternatives. The only downside is that the package is moldable and isn’t ideal if you have something that should not bend. However, I prefer to use a Tyvek-type envelope whenever possible.

6.Aside from accountants and lawyers, are there any other industries you see who could benefit from Tyvek envelopes?

Any kind of office that wants their packages to be delivered dry and with the highest chance of the envelope being intact when it arrives should be using Tyvek envelopes.

There’s one perspective on why to use Beagle Legal and Tyvek envelopes: customized, personal service for all the products a company needs.

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