What Are Tyvek Envelopes?

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Having trouble choosing envelopes for shipping? There’s such a variety of shipping products available that it can be a daunting task to choose the right envelope material for your company. One type – Tyvek envelopes – is one that customers have a lot questions about. What are Tyvek envelopes? What are the benefits and advantages? How do they differ from traditional paper envelopes?

We wanted to help businesses answer these questions. Here’s a introduction to Tyvek envelopes and their use for mailing:

Tyvek is an extremely durable, moisture-resistant material made from densely woven polyethylene fibers. Due to its sturdiness, Tyvek is used in a number of applications outside of mailing supplies. For example, Tyvek is used for making protective clothing, weather barrier in houses / buildings, for long term storage and for tags and packaging.

Tyvek is also a widely used material to make shipping envelopes. For example, Tyvek envelopes are used by the U.S. Postal Service for Priority Mail and Express Mail, and you can buy them in bulk and customize them. Tyvek is a useful material for mailing because Tyvek is:

  • Water resistant
  • 10 times stronger than paper envelopes
  • Tear- and puncture-resistant, but easily cut with scissors
  • Lightweight – one of the lightest mailing options available
  • 100% recyclable into useful objects such as park benches and decking
  • Flame-resistant

Tyvek Envelopes: Why Use Anything Else?

For customers, there are a number of reasons that Tyvek envelopes make sense for their mailing needs:

  1. Security - durability and tear-resistance make it ideal for sending important and private legal documents; Tyvek is also built to withstand the wear and tear of shipping – including rips, water and heat
  2. Confidentiality - considering the potential liability cost of being sued for breach of privacy -i.e. HIPAA - from using an unsecure paper envelope or one that is not opaque, the additional cost of using a superior Tyvek envelope is worth the cost
  3. Replacement Costs - consider the cost invested by a company in an individual marketing packet, estate plan, medical history and the labor cost to put the packet together; why risk it being ripped open or gotten wet then double that cost while you redo the packet
  4. Lightweight - Tyvek envelopes are extremely lightweight with the savings in postage alone often more than covering the additional cost of the envelopes. This can potentially be a substantial amount money saved on shipping costs.
  5. Customizable - available in just about every size from standard #10 letter sizes, document size, jumbo size and with expansion. Companies often replace boxes with Tyvek envelopes...and they can be custom printed in 1-4 colors to help you brand your business.

So how do Tyvek envelopes differ from the competition?

  • Poly Mailers: Poly Mailers and document-size Tyvek envelopes are closely matched. They’re both made of a durable blend of polyethylene, are both resistant to moisture and are both lighweight. Yet, Tyvek envelopes are more durable, hold brand graphics better through the mail process, and are easier to open and re-seal
  • ARMOR-Pac Envelopes: Armor-Pac envelopes are similar to Tyvek in that they both are resistant to moisture and tearing; yet, Armor-Pac envelopes do have a felted, padded interior for additonal protection for certain products. Tyvek envelopes, on the other hand, are typically sold without padding although there are stock Tyvek options available with bubble-padded interiors
  • Kraft Paper: Kraft paper envelopes look similar to Tyvek envelopes, but the similarities end there. Kraft paper envelopes are less durable, weigh more and are not tear or moisture resistant. These are typically used for mailing letters.
  • Tri-Brite Envelopes: Tri-Brite envelopes are made of paper, yet they are one of the more durable paper-based mailers available. One advantage over Tyvek envelopes is that these can be inkjet or laser-printed. Tyvek, on the other hand, is unsuited for laser printing, as the heat can melt or deform the envelope.
  • Herculink: another paper-based envelope that, like Tri-Brite envelopes, is durable, moisture and burst-resistant. The biggest difference is that Herculink envelopes have a unique pattern design and are ink-Jet compatible with the right ink-jet system for personalization during fulfillment; they are alsomade with PEFC sheet which protects old-growth forests

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