Go Green! Why You Need Eco-Friendly Blank and Custom Printed Mailers

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Sustainability and environmental issues are major topics of discussion these days.

And for good reason!

The environment is suffering on our watch. Worse still, we’re the ones responsible. We’re officially damaging everything from the world’s water sources to its biodiversity faster than it can recover.

There’s a growing outcry from the public for governments and corporations to make positive changes. Of course, there are many ways, big and small, in which to incorporate greener practices.

Of them all, though, your company mailing system is one of the easiest and most effective.

Using eco-friendly blank and custom printed mailers offers a host of positive effects. You, your customers/clients, and the environment all stand to gain.

Need further incentive to make the change?

Keep reading to discover 7 reasons to start using eco-friendly mailers ASAP.

1. For the Environment’s Sake

This point is worth re-emphasizing:

Climate issues around the globe are becoming increasingly severe.

Temperatures are rising, ice caps are melting, sea levels are going up, natural disasters are ever-present, and the world’s fauna and flora are suffering.

All told, global warming is having a hugely detrimental impact; some people even refer to it as a climate emergency. If things don’t change soon, then we’re all going to suffer the effects.

Individuals and businesses alike need to do their bit to make a positive difference!

That might be reason enough to start using eco-friendly mailers at your company. The change might not seem like much, but everything counts.

2. To Demonstrate Your Company’s Green Values

Incentives don’t stop at the environmental level.

You’ll be pleased to know that your business stands to gain as well. Indeed, it’s now a fact that customers prefer companies with sustainable practices.

According to that source, adopting green values and practices officially leads to better sales.


Because consumers are more aware of, and concerned about, their environmental impact than ever before. They’d rather spend their hard-earned cash on companies that share their values.

Reducing your carbon footprint through eco-friendly mailers will endear you to consumers. You’ll enjoy a boost to business as a result.

3. To Build Brand Loyalty

The same is true for improving rates of customer retention.

Just as consumers are more inclined to frequent sustainable businesses, they’re also more likely to stick around. By comparison, rising numbers of people are boycotting organizations with links to fossil fuels.

In other words, incorporating greener practices (like using eco-friendly mailers) into your operations facilitates brand loyalty.

Consumers see you operating in an environmentally savvy manner. They appreciate the efforts and return the favor by continuing to do business with you.

It goes without saying how valuable that is to the growth of the company!

It also helps you avoid claims of hypocrisy. Let’s face it, you can’t espouse green values and then practice in wholly unsustainable ways.

4. To Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience is pivotal to business success.

After all, without customers there can be no business! Taking steps to nurture and improve the customer experience will facilitate the continued growth of any enterprise.

Eco-friendly mailers can help in that regard.

Of course, the demand for greener practices by consumers is a central feature here. The customer experience is automatically improved by adhering to their desire for sustainable packaging.

Yet these mailers are designed for maximum customer satisfaction in other ways too.

For one thing, they can be custom printed to add engaging, funny, interesting, personalized images and text. For another, they’re appropriately sized for their contents (AKA zero waste!). They’re quality products that look, feel and function perfectly.

5. To Foster Referrals

Happy customers can be your greatest asset.

As we’ve seen, they’re far more likely to become repeat customers. Just as importantly, though, they might tell their friends, family, and colleagues about their positive experience too.

It’s free marketing! They spread the word about your brand and business at zero cost.

ROI doesn’t get much better than that.

Today’s world of social media means it’s never been easier to share your experiences. A solitary Facebook post from a happy customer can go viral, sending hundreds of leads your way.

It makes sense to do anything you can to encourage referrals.

Eco-friendly mailers (and the positive customer experience they create) represent an effective means of doing exactly that.

6. They’re Versatile

Sustainable packaging tends to be versatile in nature too.

You aren’t restricted to a particular style or design. Rather, they’re fit-for-purpose for any industry that otherwise relies on regular forms of packaging.

Furthermore, businesses that use eco-friendly mailers don’t sacrifice any functionality versus regular alternatives.

Anything you need to package and ship can be accommodated.

It’ll remain protected in transit and deliver a quality product to the end-customer.

7. Because It Makes Sense!

Everyone wins when you start using sustainable packaging.

The world, the customer, and the business all come away in better shape.

The question, therefore, shouldn’t be: ‘why would you use eco-friendly mailers?’ Instead, it makes more sense to ask: ‘why wouldn’t you?’

In doing so, you act in line with the green values that today’s consumer requires you to adopt. Better still, you do your part to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. And, as a result, the company enjoys higher rates of client retention, sales, and leads.

The sense of gratification you get from doing a good deed is the cherry on top!

Start Utilizing Eco-Friendly Blank and Custom Printed Mailers

Green issues have never been a hotter topic.

It’s no surprise, really, given the extent of environmental problems we’re facing right now. Every day, the news seems filled with reports of another climate-related issue.

People are up in arms about the need for positive changes to be made.

Switching to sustainable packaging is a prime example of something businesses can do to make a difference. Hopefully, this post has convinced you of the virtues of using eco-friendly blank and custom printed mailers.

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